Why Infographics?

Infographics are a combination of graphic design, content and data.

Because we are visual creatures then a well-designed image grabs our attention.

By summarising a lot of data and key information into a single image then you can highlight key points in a relevant manner.


About me

My name is Paul Streeter. I create Infographics for people to see and agree on what they are talking about .

For over 10 years I was a project manager that delivered solutions across several industries i.e. Banking, Insurance, Power, Education, Maritime, Commodities and Information Technology. During that time I found opportunities to create visual designs to allow different teams to work together and address project problems.

I now create Infographics for other areas of human interaction that can benefit from a visual solution.

The virtue of Apatheia

Whereas the philosopher Aristotle had claimed that virtue was to be found in the golden mean between excess and deficiency of emotion (metriopatheia), the Stoics sought freedom from all passions (apatheia).

It meant eradicating the emotional response to external events – the things we cannot control. For the Stoics, it was the optimum rational response to the world, for we cannot control things that are caused by the will of others or by Nature, we can only control our own will.


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