Re-use DBS not Schedules

When you are completing a lot of similar projects with the same teams then someone will always suggest that you re-use Project Schedules and that this will save a lot of time for the next Project Manager.

However, that is not really true and it can cause several problems. I think it is best that a team maintain Deliverable Breakdown Structures (DBS).

I’m working on a longer article on this subject but wanted to post an example now. Take making a cup of tea. You can create a DBS for this then pass it off to several different people and ask them to come up with a schedule and each of them will be different. Increasing the complexity from a cup of tea to a new computer system, business process, legal legislation, building, etc… only widens the difference in the resulting schedules.

As promised, I’ll put out an in-depth article during the week.

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